There is life outside your apartment.

Senior living gives you the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community. Your apartment may no longer have that third bedroom full of storage boxes or the formal dining that only gets set two days a year, but that’s doesn’t mean they are gone! Senior living is all about increasing your access to amenities – amenities that you actually use again. There is a world of potential right outside your apartment door, from the restaurant to library and living rooms, and our staff cleans and maintains everything so you don’t have to worry about it!

Now instead of family only enjoying that private dining room on Thanksgiving, they can come anytime! You can appreciate the time spent with them instead of having to clear off the table or deal with the dishes. All of the KentRidge community is your home – enjoy!

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Personal service – available all day

Our restaurant is open all day long, with a rotating menu of 50+ expansive options. Enjoy a meal with your neighbors, friends, and family anytime!

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Private Dining

Invite guests anytime

You plan, we cater! Invite your family to a special event or just enjoy the private space with friends. Hold a pizza party or set a special menu with our Executive Chef. Our private dining is your formal dining to use as you like!

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Fitness Center

Wellness and rehab

It’s one thing to put treadmills in a closet and call it a fitness center. It’s another thing entirely to dedicate a space to senior-friendly, rehab-specific tools.

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Go on an adventure.

With all kinds of genres and a fresh assortment regularly, our library caters to the bookworm and occasional reader alike!

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Popcorn and a movie – what could be better?

From modern romance to timeless classics, we screen what you want to see. Plus, we host education events, church services, and more! Welcome to your private theater.

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The Great Outdoors

Let’s get physical!

Sometimes, it’s just too nice to be inside. Whether you enjoy a walk among our landscaped paths or join us on a trip to the beautiful parks of Kent, you can enjoy the great outdoors at your pace.

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