Furballs. But we call them family.

Pets are family, plain and simple. No senior should need to make the impossible decision between enjoying the benefits of senior living and saying goodbye to a furry friend. That’s why we welcome pets at The KentRidge Senior Living and even provide pet care when our residents need some extra help.

Individualized Pet Plans

Just because it is more difficult to care for Fido doesn’t mean you can’t bring him. We provide personalized care plans for pets – and we are more than willing to take over helping! All kinds of daily services are available to plan for your unique needs – even seasonal assistance for when you would rather not be out.

No pet left behind

Don’t write off bringing your pet just because they are young, old, large, small, or anything in between. Our pet policy is unique partly because we do not limit pets based on arbitrary rules like their size. Instead, we want to meet your pet to find the best way to accommodate their needs and yours.

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