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May 5, 2023

The Kentridge Senior Living Encourages Intergenerational Relationships Between Children and Older Adults

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Author: Lisa Arbogast, Resident Services Director

As we age, health becomes a major focus of our daily lives. We begin to think more about eating well, getting enough exercise, and keeping our minds active. But health is more than that – it also includes our relationships with others, specifically intergenerational relationships. 

According to an article in Press & News, there are the many benefits of intergenerational relationships between children and older adults.  

  • Children who spend time with older adults growing up are less ageist as they get older.  
  • It can prevent isolation and loneliness in older adults.  
  • It provides a perfect opportunity for young and old to learn from one another.  
  • It builds a stronger community.  
  • It gives older adults a sense of purpose and helps younger generations have a greater respect for and value of older adults.  
  • It helps keep stories and history alive within families and the greater community. 

At The Kentridge Senior Living, we promote intergenerational relationships in many ways! Our residents love whenever there are children in the community. It really makes them happy and brings back a lot of memories for them to reminisce about. We love seeing families bring children to Sunday Brunch. We encourage grandchildren of residents and children of staff to attend our monthly Story Corner, for a story and a treat. The community shares books with our local elementary school and we’re working on fostering that relationship, so we can have more intergenerational opportunities.

When observing the interactions between children and older adults, it’s easy to see how much older adults really have to offer to children, and vice versa! They share smiles, memories, information, and more. Intergenerational connections between older adults and younger people help make residents in communities feel cared for and valued. Older members can share their knowledge about life, what they have experienced, and how it led them to the present. They can also share ideas about preserving traditions. Younger people bring youth and vitality, as well as memories for the older community to reminisce about. Whenever there are children in the building it is like a breath of spring air! 

Each of our communities works hard to foster intergenerational relationships and memorable experiences.   

Source: Engage at Every Age: The benefits of intergenerational relationships – Senior Community Services    

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