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November 25, 2022

The Kentridge Senior Living Shares a Note of Gratitude

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Author: Kellie McElhiney, Executive Director

Last year our goals were to reestablish a normal routine, rebuild staff, focus on first impressions of the building, and setting the bar higher for exceptional care. The progress we made has been substantial and it lays the foundations for future goals. The exterior of the building has had a few simple changes to enhance the curb side appeal. We removed the water feature near the road and planted beautiful flowers to draw attention to the signage. The circle was leveled, and new greenery was placed to enhance the look of the front entrance, the parking lot was resealed and repainted to give the building a crisp, clean, and well-manicured look. Light posts were replaced, and we added security lights for nighttime safety. 

Our staff is growing slowly but surely, and retention is of the highest priority for The Kentridge Senior Living. We have gone from having less than 20 employees to over 60 currently. We still have many open positions, but as we gain new employees, we are investing time, working to retain them. 

Getting Memory Care to operate as The Neighborhood instead of a special care unit has been challenging. Expectations of routine were established, and the Memory Care Director’s office was moved into Memory Care to help guarantee the routine of the day. Setting the expectation of care for the residents and the expectations of the staff and support staff for Memory Care has been established, with continuous monitoring and success along the way.

The exciting moments and successes we had over the past year were celebrated with our families. We had a fantastic “Best of Memory Care” party for our residents, families, and staff. The event was spectacular, and everyone enjoyed themselves. We also had exciting brunches that were successful and celebrated Assisted Living Week with the residents this year. It was a week full of fun events and even a carnival the residents enjoyed tremendously.

Our team’s individual contributions to making each day a success story is important to our building. Each day has the potential to be the best day and going into it with that energy and positivity is what makes our teams stand out. Care Partners like Janet Stoll, who is always cheerful and goes above and beyond each day to ensure that our residents have the assistance they need, is what makes her an excellent team member.

All Kentridge’s directors step out and shine brighter than the normal stars because they put their whole hearts into every goal. Contributions from our new Sales Director Carrie has had an immediate and profound effect on the census and she works diligently to rise to the standard. I’m giving her a well-deserved shout out because she is truly earning her seat at the table.

We are so very grateful for the partners we have. Our relationship with them is strong and we complement each other nicely. Traditions has always been a part of the team. They take special caution always with our families and our staff to communicate in effective ways.  Fox Therapy has been a part of our team for several years now and their contributions have made a huge and lasting impact on the quality of life of our residents. Western Reserve Care Professionals have truly shined as our longest and lasting relationship. They are always available to us and always give us sound guidance. We appreciate them so very much for the work they do for our community every day.

We are so excited to get some projects done on the interior of the building. Putting in LVP flooring in the main lobby and down to the dining area is going to add a touch of class to our building. We are also very excited to move forward in our goals to have a Neighborhood for our Memory Care residents that enhances their daily quality of life. Having spent most of the last year working out kinks we feel the drive to see stable results from multiple aspects of operations. We are excited to see our staff and our census grow. And we are determined to keep the community well, engaged, and happy.

The KentRidge Senior Living in Kent, OH offers independent senior apartments, assisted living, and memory care with a variety of services and a range of floor plan options. Amenities include restaurant dining, 24-hour bistro, concierge service, housekeeping, events and entertainment, personal care, transportation services, and more. Centrally located near University Hospital Portage Medical Center with convenient access to major shopping centers and attractions, including Sunny Hill Golf & Recreation Inc, Stow-Kent Shopping Center, Kent State Univeristy Museum, The Portage Hike & Bike Trail, and Mad Cap Brewing Company.

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