November 3, 2023

Tips for a Successful Outing with Someone Living with Dementia

Category: Memory Care

Author: Emily Johnson, Memory Care Director

Engaging in outings can evoke both excitement and trepidation for individuals living with dementia. 

It’s natural for caregivers to wonder:

  • Where should I take them? 
  • What preparations are necessary? 
  • What items should I bring? 
  • What if something goes differently than planned? 

The Kentridge Senior Living wants to address these concerns by offering valuable insights to transform your outings into enjoyable, stress-free experiences. 

Not every location is a good place to take someone living with dementia. As someone’s dementia progresses, it often becomes more challenging to process loud noises, bright lighting, crowded areas, extreme temperatures, and other highly stimulating environments. This makes some locations less ideal than others. A less crowded and quieter restaurant on a weeknight can enhance the chances of a person with dementia having a successful outing.

To create a successful outing, you must plan. It’s crucial to think about your loved one’s comfort in the outing location. If the individual needs restroom assistance, please make sure you have everything you need to support care. Considering the time of day is also essential.

If the person with dementia tends to sundown, a morning or afternoon outing is usually preferable to an evening outing. Overall, it is important to realize that change can be incredibly difficult when living with dementia. When you plan to change the setting the person is in, it helps keep everyday comforts the same and needs met.

There are certain things you should always take along on an outing. These include water for hydration, snacks, comfort items, change of clothes, personal items, and emergency contact information.

If something unexpected happens, it is imperative to stay calm. Assess and handle the situation without upsetting your loved one so you can continue with your outing.

We aim to provide you with valuable, practical information to support your journey in caring for someone with dementia through love and understanding. It’s crucial to acknowledge outings may only be suitable for some. Each person living with dementia is unique, emphasizing the importance of tailoring the experience to their individual needs and preferences. The goal should always prioritize the well-being and comfort of the individual. By practicing patience, understanding, and compassion, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience for them while also reducing stress for yourself.

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